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On-Site Beer & Cider Making

Make beer or cider on-site in all locations.

Interested in making beer but don’t have the time or space to do it at home? How about a delicious sparkling Cider? Well we just might have the solution:

On-Site Beer & Cider Making is now available at all Noble Grape locations. 24 styles of delicious beer and 6 refreshing ciders! Only $39.99 plus ingredients. Naturally conditioned (carbonated) and delicious with no preservatives! Price includes caps and a free bottle wash.

Process: Drop by and choose your flavour. We will mix it up with you on the spot and you add the yeast. Come back in 2 weeks with your bottles. After you get it home, allow it to sit 2 weeks to condition. It’s that easy!

Cider Titles:


Mangrove Jacks Premium Cider Kits

Apple, Pear, Strawberry Pear, Mixed Berry, Raspberry Lime, Blueberry Cider, Raspberry Mango

Beer Titles:
Festa Brew Premium Beer Kits
(23L un-fermented brewery made beer)
Blonde Lager, Dry, Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Red Ale, Brown Ale, Continental Pilsner, Wheat Beer, Double Oatmeal Stout,West Coast IPA, German Hefeweizen, Belgian Saison, Raspberry Wheat, Dry Hopped Pale Ale... Or Dry-Hop any beer!

Barons Beer Kits

American Lite, Candian Lager, Canadian Pilsner, Canadian Draught, Mexican Cerveza, Danish Lager, Amber Ale, Brown Ale and Redwood Ale.

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