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Cryo Hops


You’ve heard about them! You’ve asked about them! You want to be the first to brew with them!

 Now in stock at Noble Grape: CRYO HOPS LupuLN2

 WHAT ARE CRYO HOPS? Cryo Hops LupuLN2 uses the most innovative hop technology available. Utilizing cutting edge cryogenic processing, the rich lupulin, resins, and aromatic oils, are separated from the rest of the hop cone at extremely low temperatures. (This removes less desirable substances that can cause astringency.)

WHY YOU WANT THEM: Cryo Hops LupuLN2 gives you more of the rich flavourful and aromatic rich resins and lupulin (2 X) and less of the ‘vegetal’ matter that can be undesirable, particularly in heavily hopped beers. This means that flavours and aromas will not only be more intense, but will be ‘crisper’ with more of the hop varieties distinctive characteristics.

Because you are using less, there will also be far less hop sediment in your fermenters, meaning less beer lost in transfer.

Beers using CRYO HOPS LupuLN2 showcase juicy and resinous flavours with reduced grassy and vegetal characteristics.

PRO TIP: While they are great on their own, some brewers use them in conjunction with regular pellets to get the best of both worlds (rich aromas with whole hop complexity retained)

HOW TO USE THEM: While you might be tempted to only use these hops for bittering (which makes sense considering their very high alpha acids), the real advantage comes when you use them for flavouring, finishing, and dry hopping. The rich flavour and aroma of these hops is unprecedented.

Simply use these hops in place of any addition you would normally use. Remember, because of the processing, use about ½ of what you would normally use to achieve similar results.

Note: Noble Grape obtained some Simcoe Cryo hop samples awhile back to do some side by side comparisons with regular Simcoe. All who tasted agreed that this product is the real deal!



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